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Web Development

We carry out a variety of development work, from the creation of graphics to setting up large websites.

Our aim is to add the most functionality as possible using new technologies (such as Dynamic HTML, scripting and Java), while still degrading gracefully on older browsers. Another aim is speed. Our graphics are optimised to squeeze every last byte out of them to increase download speeds.

We will design a web site from scratch or develop on designs which you provide. We can develop using the following technologies:

Standard HTML
Dynamic HTML
Microsoft Active Server Pages
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
ActiveX COM Object for IIS/PWS
Microsoft SQL Server 7
Other ODBC Databases

If you need any other technologies to be used, these can easily be learnt! There would be a small delay before the start of the project, however that technology would be implemented.

Current Projects

Hayes Manor Online - initial design, setup and operation for the first 2 years (19th May 1998 - 19th May 2000). Continuing maintenance and support.

Hayes Manor/County Grammar Expupils - A database-underpinned site which spun off from the above site.

Hillingdon Expupils - An ex-pupil listing for the whole of the London Borough of Hillingdon.

ONsupport - An unofficial support site for users of digital terrestrial broadcasting. This is a cooperative effort - we supplied the site design.

Other sites are currently not publicly available.