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Sunday, 20th May 2001
New Community Features

I've added a new discussion forum to the site. This, when combined with chat and a set of live news feeds will help to create a strong community aspect. Watch this space after exams!

Thursday, 1st March 2001
Up Again

The site is pretty much up and running again, with a faster web server! Updates of the site have been neglected lately, due to a high workload and the server being down. Rest assured that I plan to make up for it over the next couple of months. Of course, then updates will stop almost completely when exams start in May/June.

Saturday, 17th February 2001

My web host is moving their servers to a new data centre (hopefully the site will get even faster!), so the while the servers are being flown 3000 miles across the US www.ashleybrown.co.uk will be unavailable. Email will still be working. A back-up website is available at www15.brinkster.com/ashleybrown - this is in operation now and will remain there until the end of February.

Downtime is expected to start on Feb 22nd and finish on Feb 25th. Please only use the backup site when the main site goes down.

Tuesday, 16th January 2001
More Design Improvements

As Iosphere develops, I can add more sophisticated features to the site. The latest addition is the "cookie-crumb" navigation. This is much more intuitive than the "Up"/"Home" buttons which were previously on the site.

There is now an Off-site Link Iosphere group at Off-site Link egroups. Anyone can view the message archive, but I recommend that you join the group to have the latest hints, tips and news about Iosphere delivered to your mailbox. This is an open forum - anyone can join and contribute.

Mock exams are nearly finished!

Friday, 29th December 2000
New Design for Iosphere and HTML Reference Database

The Iosphere section has a new design to co-incide with the release of Iosphere 2 Beta 2 (Private).

The HTML Reference database has been added - this is not complete but what is there at the moment may be useful.

Sunday, 3rd December 2000
Many Many Changes!

A number of changes have taken place today, as the site has grown a little bit more.

The updates page has been added so that you can see what is going on. The revised look-and-feel of the site has been in place for a while - it wasn't a big difference, but looks much better and is easier to use. Today the font size was decreased to 8pt to make the site look even smarter.

I've added a links page - every site should have one. :D

Iosphere 2 development has been continuing - I've switched to the development version to manage this site. There's some tidying up to do but I hope to release the updated version shortly. Once I'm sure it's stable (after a couple of weeks of use in anger) I'll get Beta 1 out of the door. That's the reason other developments (this site, WebChat!) have been quiet lately.

I've got University interviews going on, then mock exams after Christmas. Consequently development may slow until mid-January.