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Associated Sites

Link My DoC Website
My University website, with personal photos from my time in the Department of Computing.
At the Deparment of Computing, Imperial College

Link Hillingdon Ex-pupils
A site for ex-pupils from schools in the London Borough of Hillingdon.
Operated by Ashley Brown, sponsored by ITC Internet

Link Hayes Manor Online
The website for The Hayes Manor School.
Operated by Ashley Brown

Recommended Sites

Link Eclipse Internet
I have had several ADSL lines installed and run by Eclipse Internet in the last three years, all of which are still giving fantastic service. They do a great unlimited dial-up plan too, perfect while you wait for ADSL to be installed!
Operated by Eclipse Internet

Link DigiGuide
The home of DigiGuide, the offline television listings program. A truly excellent program and a bargain for just 8.99 a year.
Operated by GipsyMedia Ltd.

Personal Sites

People from Imperial College

Link charleebrown.co.uk
Personal site of Charlee Brown.
Operated by Charlee Brown

Link j-robinson.co.uk
Personal site of James Robinson, including help on HTML.
Operated James Robinson

Link Virtual Sushi
Rishi's blog.

Link piliguerra.com
Pili's blog & photo pages.

Link Deviant Penguin
Jamie's blog & photo pages.

Link Fidget Fiction
Lee's site of all sorts.

Link Ivanka's Photos
Ivanka's photos and whatever else she decides to do with it.

DigiGuide Folks

Link colino.co.uk
Colin Ogilvie's Site.

Link Rose Presentations