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Security Update: An updated version of the iWeb server with security fixes is now in testing.

The iWeb Mini Web Server is a mini web server designed for use on Intranets and for testing websites in a realistic environment.

How mini is mini?

The server is a small, 300KB download, and takes up just 500KB when installed - it consists of one file.

What features does it have?

The server is a multi-threaded HTTP/1.1 compatible server. It does not support server side scripting or CGI.

Why would I use it?

The web server is designed for Intranets, where not much traffic goes through the server, and for testing web sites in a realistic environment. You should be reasonably confident with a computer if you want to use this server.

How much does it cost?

It is free, on the condition that you provide a link to this web page with the following image:

iWeb Server


If you find the iWeb server useful, please donate with PayPal by clicking the button below.

How do I set it up?

Download the install file - once you have done that, run it to extract the server. Go to the location where you installed the server and create a shortcut to "iws.exe" on the "Startup" sub-menu of the "Programs" menu. Double click that file and a new icon will appear in the system tray (to the right of the task bar). Click this icon and a configuration screen will appear - set your options and click OK. Each time you start the computer, the web server will also start. 

To download the server, click the link below.

Download Now