September 16, 2010

Master’s Thesis: Cobble-CML

My final year project for my MEng (Computing) degree. This project was a first-class distinguished project and a finalist for the project prize.

This project was also presented as a poster at the ACACES 2005 summer school in L’Aquila, Italy in July 2005. In October 2006 a variation on the work was presented at the Software Transformation Systems Workshop in Portland, OR.

Cobble-CML Publications

Software Transformation Systems Workshop, Portland, OR, October 2006 Generating Hardware Designs by Source Code Transformation (PDF)
Ashley W. Brown, Wayne Luk, Paul H. J. Kelly
Workshop Presentation (PowerPoint)
Ashley W. Brown & Paul H. J. Kelly
1st International Summer School for Advanced Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems, L’Aquila, Italy, July 2005 Optimising Transformations for Hardware Compilation (PDF)
Ashley W. Brown, Wayne Luk, Paul H. J. Kelly
Poster (PDF)
Final Project & Masters Thesis Final Project Report / Master’s Thesis (PDF)
Viva Presentation (PowerPoint)
Interim Report Interim “Outsourcing” Report (PDF)