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If you have problems registering .Edit (or with anything else), please report them so the problem can be investigated and fixed. THIS IS A BETA TEST VERSION.

Download .Edit Build 319 Main Install (Microsoft Installer)

The main installation for .Edit, in Microsoft Installer format. Microsoft Installer is included with Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It is also installed by many other pieces of software (including MS Office).

The main installer is quite often behind the latest release - .Edit will automatically check for updates and download them once it is installed.

If you do not have administrative privileges on the computer where you install .Edit, you may receive an error regarding deshlex.dll. Please press Continue to proceed.

Download Download Now

Hint If you do not have MS Installer installed, you may download it from Microsoft:

Additional Highlighters

These can be added to .Edit to increase the number of file types it can highlight. At the present time you must add the file types yourself.

  1. Download the highlighter file to the Highlighters subfolder of your .Edit install folder (eg c:\Program Files\.Edit\Highlighters), where C:\Program Files\.Edit\ is the location where you .Edit was installed).
  2. Start .Edit and go to Tools|Preferences, then select the File Types page. Create a new file type with the relevant settings for your highlighter.

Please select the download you require: