Welcome to ashleybrown.co.uk, the web site of Ashley Brown, a student Internet Developer from London, England.

.Edit Internet Code Editor
Our new flagship stand-alone syntax highlighting editor for Internet technologies. Highlights HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, Java and others.
Iosphere 2 - BETA Web-site Management
Check out our web-site management application. Version 2 is available now, but is being rewritten in parts to produce a faster solution - Iosphere 3.
WebChat! Java Chat
If you need small-scale chat services on your website, WebChat! should fill your needs.
iWeb Server Mini Web Server
A small, fast FREE web server. Perfect if you only need to serve basic HTML files and graphics.
WebDev Web Development
With a wide variety of skills, from Java to ASP and C++, we can provide you with what you need.
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Latest News

WebChat! Let Loose
15 Apr 2005
After five months of preliminary testing, the first independent WebChat! customer has publicly announced their chat server. [more info...]

In Perspective

Moving in the Digital Age
04 Apr 2004
A look at the issues facing those moving home while wishing to remain connected. [more info...]

New Tips

Fighting the Spammers
16 Jul 2002
One of the major problems of running a public website is dealing with unsolicited bulk email, or "spam". I prefer to make my email address available freely, so it is easy to get in touch. Unfortunately, this leaves it open to spammers, the people who send the unsolicited email. [more info...]

Latest Downloads

Download our flagship code editor.

iWeb Server
A small, fast HTTP/1.1 server.