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About Me


I am a 23 year old systems engineer from Hayes in London, England, and recent graduate from the Department of Computing at Link Imperial College London.

Curriculum Vitae: Ashley Brown
My online CV, with key points for prospective employers. The other pages in this section have more detailed information.

General Background
A general overview of my background, including my relevant computing experience and outside interests.

Computing Background
My history in Computing, skills and software experience.

MEng Computing Degree Programme
An overview of the MEng Computing degree (including only the courses I took and was examined on).

Real-World Computing Experience
Past and present paid and voluntary projects.

A selection of references.

A list of my previous or upcoming publications.

Non-Academic Activites and Voluntary Work
My non-academic activities.

Recent Awards/Prizes/Competitions
The awards/prizes I have been presented with both academically and non-academically.

Qualifications & Education
My qualifications and educational history.